Moneta So Me

Hi! Me again, with another Moneta! I know, I know,  I’m sorry… I think I’m Obsessed or possessed or something… 

Anyway… After making it here and here and hacking it here… I saw this fantastic glasses fabric from Flamingo Fabrics and it is so me I HAD TO HAVE IT! Think, crazed unicorn girl from Despicable Me… 

Anyway, I knew I could only do this justice with a Moneta. It was extra wide so I only bought a metre and managed to get the whole dress out of one little metre. That’s an XL… Pretty good when the pattern calls for 2.5!

Anyway I made very small changes to my usual Moneta style. I shortened the sleeves and made it a very short sleeve. I seriously considered adding a collar but I can’t bring myself to do a jersey collar. So all made as usual… Until the skirt. The pattern isn’t directional and on a whim, I went absolutely crazy (hmm)  and turned the pattern pieces the other way. This meant the wider bottom was at the top. It meant much more to gather and then the skirt falls in a little more. I was thinking it would give it a more tulip shape… What do you think? I think perhaps it isn’t as flattering but I can’t not like it. It’s another secret pyjama dress too! 


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  1. I really need to have a go at the moneta. X

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    1. You really should. It’s really quick and so comfy. It’s a great wardrobe staple. x

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  2. Jo says:

    This is lovely – really fun fabric. Do you use plastic elastic for yours? I’ve tried making the Moneta a few times now and can never quite get the hang of it. I hate that if you make a mistake with it and try to unpick it, it’s basically ruined. I might have another go at some point but with woven elastic at the waist instead…

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    1. I’ve used both but I see what you mean, it is hard to unpick. I just use a slightly bigger seam allowance to hide the elastic but I have done it with both and I think both works fine. They girls who did the Moneta Party did some great tutorials. Sew Abigail did one on the elastic which was pretty useful.x


  3. esewing says:

    Love this print , like the tulip effect on the skirt too ☺

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    1. Thanks. I’m not sure it’s as flattering but it’s still really wearable and comfy. ☺


  4. I love the glasses. Prints are just fabulous aren’t they?

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    1. It’s my favourite print I think. Glasses are such a part of my identity that I had to have the fabric!

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