Self-Drafted Circle Skirt

Me Made May has done so much for the way I view my wardrobe. It was immediately clear that if I want to wear Me Made everyday then I am in desperate need of separates. With this in mind I set about to make a black circle skirt for work. I have lots of nice blouses and some that I am starting to make so I wanted something high-waisted, which I felt confident that I would be able to wear with most things.


I bought some black cotton/viscose from my local market. I get a lot of my fabrics from there. They’re a bargain and often 60 inches wide too. I used trusty Pinterest to get the maths for making a circle skirt. It is so easy to do that I used a reversible bed sheet I had bought to make two more at the same time!


Then you literally attach the waistband (which I chose to make nice and wide so I could wear my waist belts) and insert a zip, whip a seam up the side and it’s done. Oh, wait, no… The Hem. The hem on a circle skirt must be the longest thing in the history of sewing. I thought it would never end! But it did, eventually and hear it is, a perfect work staple for with all my brightly coloured blouses. I will share my bed sheet skirts soon – they’re a lot of fun!



In other news – I’m off to Sew Up North tomorrow – my super kind husband has treated us to spend the weekend in Leeds and I’m really excited! More on that soon.


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  1. crusicroom says:

    Looking great Emma. My girls love wearing circle skirts. Have a super weekend in Leeds x

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    1. Thanks so much. They’re so feminine aren’t they? Thanks, I hope I do!! X

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  2. Looks great. I have the sew over it tulip skirt in black as one of my work staples.

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    1. A black skirt is essential x


  3. Jo Laycock says:

    You do realise this means lots of twirling now?! Looks fab – it really suits you. Hope you get lots of wear out of it!

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    1. Lots and lots of twirling!! I definitely hope so, it’s just such a good staple to have!


  4. Lynne says:

    Loving your skirt!! But aren’t circle skirts a nightmare to hem – worth it in the end though!

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    1. Thanks. They are, it’s just continuous but yes, definitely worth it. ☺


  5. Love a circle skirt once I figured out how easy they were to make (minus hem 😂) the options are endless with attaching to bodices, half and quarter too and really flattering. Looks great on you Em. Perfect work skirt. Hope you enjoyed Leeds and the Sew Up North was fab. X

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    1. I know, I’m going to put pockets in the next one I do! It was absolutely brilliant. So nice to meet others that love to sew and talk about it all day!! xx

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