Sew Over It Ella Blouse

I love my Anderson Blouse so when I saw that Sew Over It had released the Ella Blouse I didn’t think I needed it in my life… Then… Over Easter there was 20% off so it ended up in my basket!

I bought a fabulous geometric print, which is now in the sale at Adam Ross Fabrics in another promo code temptation! 

I’ve made a few Sew Over It Patterns so I already had an idea of changes I would need to make, so I added an inch to the sleeves to account for my chunky arms. Due to the way the style of the blouse is, I didn’t think I would need to do a FBA but this turned out to be a mistake… more on this shortly!

As with all Sew Over It patterns, it was great to follow and there’s little tips and tricks, which make it come together really easily. Like the Anderson blouse, the pattern pieces act as their own facing, which I love because I hate facings!

I was really pleased with my fabric choice, I have seen a lot of people do it in florals, but I’m trying to step away from florals slightly! I thought it may need less fabric as it is a waist length top but that’s not the case at all because it is made to wrap round you the pattern pieces are quite big and I needed a full 2 metres for it.

Once it was nearly done, I tried it on, similarly to the Boat Neck Dress it was difficult to see how it would fit without it all bring together. It wasn’t a good story at all though, I’m afraid. It was quite clear I needed a FBA on this, where it was supposed to drape it just sat open across my chest (no pictures here to save you the trauma) and it pulled all the facings out too. The fabric sat low under my boobs, which meant there was too much fabric around my waist. I could see there was enough fabric to salvage it though, so I had to quite literally sew the opening shut. I pinned it on my dressmaker dummy and pinned it in place. I then, redid the pleats so that they were much deeper and encase more of the fabric so that I wasn’t left with too much fabric gaping around my waist…

I made this with the intention of having it as work wear, I’m still having to wear a vest under it for it to feel suitable and secure but in the end it has been a good contribution to my work wardrobe which has lots of high-waisted skirts in it. Lots of people commented on it, saying it complimented me and was a great colour and it got so many nice comments on instagram (thanks guys!) so it’s maybe not as much as a nightmare as I thought.


I would make it again but I think it would chose the Anderson Blouse over this any day.




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  1. It does look nice on you! I’m not sold on this pattern at all (not keen on the multiple wrap around at the bottom) and going by what you’ve said it seems a lot of messing around for a top I’m not convinced is my thing. I will focus on my Anderson blouse when SOI replace my faulty fabric!! At least you have more work wear and it suits that high waisted skirt too. Lovely fabric choice btw Xx

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    1. Thanks. It is a cute little top but it is a lot of faff for what it is. Jess @knitmewarmer has done a hack aparrantly which I’m going to check out before I write it off but I’m definitely sticking to the Anderson. Shame about your fabric. 😦 I’m definitely working on the work wear situation. I feel so much better in brights and so much of my RTW stuff is black or dull… Xx

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  2. Snap, I did the same thing and bought it in the sale but not made it up yet. I wanted a wrap top that could act as a cardigan which is how soi describe this top. I bought a gertie pattern with wrap cardigan but I’m not happy with the finished item. This looks lovely on you in that print fabric.

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    1. I think it would make a nice cardigan actually. Thanks a lot. x

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      1. I need to add it to my list of things to sew and buy even more fabric!!

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      2. It’s pretty giving so it would lend itself to all sorts of fabrics I think. x

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  3. ittybiddi says:

    I love that top! So glad you rescued it when it didn’t fit.

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    1. Thanks. I’m really pleased too!!


  4. I’m glad you ended up with a top you can wear! What a faff though x

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    1. Tell me about it!! Don’t you hate those makes that start so well and end up being a pain?!


  5. Ann says:

    Hi Emma. I think it looks great. Your adjustments have worked well.

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    1. Thanks a lot. That’s nice of you to say. Yes, I think it was worth it in the end!


  6. chasjos says:

    I love the print.

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    1. Thank you. Has your dress arrived with you yet? x


      1. chasjos says:

        No, but I shall tell you as fast as it comes, I check my mailbox everyday!

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      2. It’s definitely on its way to you

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