Sewing Plans Bujo

I’m sure a lot of people know the feeling of having so many sewing plans running through your head, especially with all the inspiration flying around on this here internet. Without being psychoanalytic I think it’s good for me, it gives a focus outside of the busy world of work. However, sometimes my head feels a bit ‘buzzy’ with all my ideas and that can sometimes mean I get very little done. 

The very lively Sarah of Your Sew in Style suggested I got involved in a bit of bullet journalling, or bujo (a great name for it!) so I did… As I have so many sewing plans recently and not much in the way of finished items, I thought I would share with you. The ladies at The Fold Line have also written about it recently if you want to check it out. 

I bought this big blank book which I thought was very apt and purposely chose blank pages so I wasn’t restricted. I also opened a brand new Papermate Inkjoy Quarto which I use for work all the time to organise myself so I knew it would work here… I’m not sponsored or anything, I just really like the pens!! 

I’m by no means super neat or perfect but i didn’t want to restrict myself by trying to be super neat. It was more important to me that I could just throw my ideas on a page. 

I faced a blank page and just went for it, I nearly immediately felt better and less buzzy. It contains plans, patterns, to do lists, specific ideas and anything I want it to. I also include practical things like sizes, where the pattern and fabric is from and anything I need to get. I haven’t got a particular order really, I just know to start at the front.

It’s a great way to plan and it’s Crafty and gives my itchy fingers something to do in front of the TV (because I can’t spend all my time at my sewing machine!) I have lots of stickers and fun bits too! Imagine me very much like an excited child! 

I use a ruler to section it off and catagorise things together the way my head does!!

I’ve also been including little swatches of fabric which helps me see what I’m working on and inspires me. 

I started to write down any alterations I would make if made a pattern again but I’m also a big fan of being able to cross out or tick what I’m doing to I’ve started writing my alterations in another notepad.

Sorry for the stationary overload but this one is special because after seeing my sewing plan nightmares on instagram Sarah had a notebook sent to me (I told you she was lovely!) It was a big surprise and I’d already got myself in to gear and got one so I’ve been using this baby for my alterations so they are organised and don’t get lost. 

This, complete with my newly renovated sewing room (Easter holidays are the best) has made me feel super organised and ready to tackle it all!! 


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  1. I read the article on the foldline and their link but it lost me. I always have a notebook at work and have one with ideas for sewing (post almost ready to publish) but the bullet journal looked too complex for me x

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    1. Yes I see what you mean. I won’t be using any of the templates or anything because I prefer to do my own thing and see how I categorise it myself… It’s more creative too!!

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      1. I tend to use bullet points and asterisk etc in my work books to keep organised, but the video link on the foldline lost me. Your book looks fun and it’s always good to have a list to be able to cross things off!

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      2. I completely agree. I look ticking my to do lists off!!


  2. Naomi says:

    Love love love planning things. It’s a lot of fun a isn’t it? I’m super excited to see some of your next makes. That banded skirt looks awesome!

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    1. Aww thanks. Yes, definitely. Love a good plan. I’m trying to use up some of my Stash and this pattern seemed perfect for it!! Going to do some more work on it tomorrow so fingers crossed you’ll be seeing it soon!!

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  3. katie says:

    This reminds me a lot of bullet journaling- such an inspiring post!! I think I might start my own sewing journal to organize my thoughts!!

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    1. Yes, that’s what it is really!! It’s made me feel more organised and it’s actually helping me to get round to things even though it doesn’t have much have an order!!

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  4. Love this! I have a day planner that has a ton of “notes” pages in back for all my plans, I recently bought Colette’s Sewing Planner, which helps to keep patterns organized! Your journal looks great, and really, any chance to use stickers is awesome!

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    1. I’ve seen the Colette Planner quite a bit on instagram recently but I just like to be able to go with what suits me. If I’m too restricted it doesn’t work for me. Tell me about it, I try not to get too giddy about them!!

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  5. Bless your heart! It was my pleasure. Wish I could take my own advice as I have started a bujo but not had time to get organised with it yet!! Glad my advice works on others though!! Love your ideas already in it and looks super efficient and your sewing room looks amazing. I agree with your comment on the restrictions of pre planned planners, I need the freedom too to just go where it takes me. Great post Em Xxx

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    1. Haha. Your advice has definitely worked… I’m definitely making plans faster than I can sew though!! Yes, freedom is what is it all about!! Even though blank pages are daunting sometimes!! Thanks a lot my lovely. Xx

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      1. 😘😘😘😘


  6. Oh I love keeping workbooks for different subjects. I also think it has something to do with us girls love stationery.

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    1. Me too. I have lots of different ones.the is so apt though!! x


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