More Separates Needed

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In my bid to make more separates I came across stash Butterick 5997, which was free with which was free with Sew My Style which, I featured in!!

The blouse I a loose fitting top with no closures and comes in sizes 8-16 and and though I usually take an 18-20 depending on the pattern I thought it would be OK as it has such a loose style. I was wrong. 

I chose to do view A. I had got this brilliant and unusual fabric from Rosie from DIY Couture in a destash on Instagram and literally cut it up straight away as I was immediately inspired. I had to really consider the pattern placement for this unusual fabric and I think I managed it quite well. 

The pattern came together really easily and my facing and neckline were super neat.  I think this really cemented to me that I’m improving at my facings and the trickier details. Though you will notice that I completely avoided the pintucks!

The collar came together an absolute treat and for someone who is clumsy and in no way good at anything fiddly, I am surprising myself at how much I am beginning to enjoy the preparation of tasks like this. There was a bit of hand sewing involved too, which is something else I am improving on, albeit reluctantly!

The sleeves are made using a little tab and by creating rather large cuffs, I think these were supposed to be folded on the outside but I couldn’t work out how to do it without the inside of the fabric being on show and looking rubbish. It has turned out more like a really big seam allowance with a cuff! 

I left it to hang for quite some time, I told myself it would then be easier to hem but in truth I was worried I would mess the hem up. I decided to do it by hand in the end and I think this was a good decision, it gave my much more control over the curved hemline. 

I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that I matched up the patterns within this blouse so easily. It is bang on, in the middle and I’m so pleased. I really think this shows how my understanding of the process of sewing is improving. 

You will notice I am not modelling this. It turned out to be too small. So… It is tradition when I make something that is too small for me that it is donated to my Mum or my Sister. In this case my Mum as the blouse is very well suited to her. In fact, it will probably look better in her than me. I usually don’t mind too much when this happens as it’s all experience and they are always happy to have garments I have made. I am definitely going to make this again because I still need more separates, especially as I keep giving them away! I want one for myself as it is such a relaxed style but obviously I will grade it up and do a FBA next time. Wish me luck! (I don’t want all my clothes to end up donated!) 


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  1. Naomi says:

    Lucky mum! And what a stunning job you’ve done on this top Emma. Well done!

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    1. Thanks! She does really like it. It really suits her style too!! Thanks, I’m pleased with how I’m nailing some of the finer details now. Nice to hear from you, haven’t heard much from you recently!! x

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  2. esewing says:

    This a fab blouse , that fabric is amazing, I never seem to have enough separates either , I have an aversion to pin tucks too although I do have an unused pintuck foot . Maybe one day


  3. Your mom and sis are lucky these things end up going their way. I’m looking forward to seeing the next one you make on you though!

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    1. Hopefully I’ll get the fit right next time!!

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  4. Great pattern placement Em. Such lovely and unusual fabric and a shame you couldn’t get the benefits of your efforts – lucky Mum! Keep going as you are doing amazingly well and will soon have lots of separates for you! Try the pin tucks next time as I have a special foot and used it on Scott’s (uncompleted) shirt! Not as hard as I thought and great fun too! Xxx

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    1. Thanks. You’re so lovely and encouraging as always. Yes I think I will now I know I’ve got the construction right. Another special foot for me then!! I’m just cutting an Ella blouse so I’m hoping more Separates for me!! My mum loves it though! xx


      1. Ooh the Ella – I stupidly didn’t buy it when it was released with the PDF pattern club as thought it wasn’t me. But seeing some out there on IG I wish I had!! Looking forward to seeing yours and hearing all about it xx

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      2. I was umming and ahhing about it because I already have the Anderson and then I saw some too and went for it when they had 20% off over Easter xx

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  5. This top looks really great! And congrats on being featured in Sew My Style 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot. It was great to be featured especially when it was about sewing for shape which is exactly why I do it!! 😁

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  6. What a beautiful gift for your MIL! I’m sure she will wear it often and with joy.

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    1. Thanks. I’m certainly hoping so!!

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