Hi, I’m Emma and I’m addicted to the Moneta 

It’s an absolute addiction this Moneta situation and I fear it is getting out of hand. I have abandoned all other patterns and replaced my sewing with Monetas! Why wouldn’t I when they are this cool!  I love it so much that I have been making them for other people to share the joy… Not before I’ve  rustled another up for myself though! 

This is mine, in this lovely purple/grey jersey from The Textile Centre.  I stuck with version 3; no arms on show here! It whizzes together in no time. Though, it would’ve been even quicker if I didn’t mess the neckline up. It stretched out as I sewed and ended up looking a bit of a mess. I tried to unpick it but I was making holes, so I cut along the stitch line and added a neckline, which I’m getting quite good at since I did one for this dress. Any tips on not stretching it out though? Also, does anyone else find the Moneta neckline can be a little too wide? Not to insult my new fave dress pattern!!. 

I’m not very good at making garments in just one colour so I’m glad I have. I also used the scraps for this to put together this little t-shirt for my niece, it’s a Jasmine Top, which is a free pattern you can get from Petit Boo on Craftsy. It doesn’t have separate sleeves so it comes together really quickly. Though it’s a bit wonky in places, I’m still get used to jersey and this is super stretchy. 

I embroidered a row of little flowers too, just to add detail. It’s so cute! 

Anyway, on to dress two. I promised my friend Sam that I would make her a dress for her 30th birthday. She asked for blue and after seeing my pictures, asked me to lower the neckline. She’s the birthday girl so that’s what I did. It’s made using this really cool jersey scuba (much stretchier than normal scuba) that I also got the The Textile Centre. It has these dimples on it which makes it look a bit different. I think it’s really cool. 

This one came together really easily as the scuba is so stable and I’m getting to be a bit of a pro at them now! I left the pockets out too as I though it would be too bulky. I decided to use the scraps to make another for me but only had enough to make the top half.. Which I shall save until I have jersey to match it! More on that when I get round to it. 

Thirdly… I am making a final version for the lovely Charlotte from ChasJos as we are doing a craft swap, more pictures soon and details of what we’re up to. This is my progress so far… 

I’m quite excited about this swap so I’ll be creating a special blog post all about it! I’ve had my swap item and it’s amazing so watch out for my blog post next week! 

Just as an addition, I’m going to join Me Made May this year so here is my pledge… Hem hem… 

 ‘I, Emma of @emmaandhermachine  sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavour to wear a me made garment each day for the duration of May 2017 in hope of identifying the gaps in my me made work wardrobe, in particular.’

I feel this is a much needed step to encourage me to make more practical garments and not those which hang in the wardrobe waiting for wedding invites!! Sign Up Here to make your pledge! 


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  1. Lovely monetas! I agree with the wide neckline bit, that’s the one thing I will change when I make another one as keeps showing my bra straps! The red fabric looks lovely! Hope your niece like her lovely top too. Look forward to the craft swap post and to see what you got. Might just sign up to me made may….. Xx

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    1. Yes, I find that too. Yes she does! Though she loves most things! I can’t not sign up when I get so much inspiration from the challenges! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. norma says:

    There are tapes for stabilising necklines – maybe that would help?
    Cute dresses!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks and good idea.. I saw someone using one on a YouTube video when I was first starting out and forgot about it. I’ll give that a go I think. Thanks. 🙂

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  3. carmensews says:

    I too am addicted to Monetas!

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    1. We should start a help group to try and support all the other dress patterns which are being abandoned!!


  4. Lynsey says:

    Super dresses, they all look great 🙂

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  5. Love your monettas! Your embroidery makes your top even more precious. That extra touch!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. It’s not my strong point but I still think it’s cute!

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  6. corrineappleby says:

    Very nice! I’ve only made the one Moneta so far and it was ok. It’s one of those patterns that looks great on other people (it’s why i bought the pattern in the first place), I’m just not too sure about it on me. I used twill tape to stabilise the neckline. I use it on any hemmed Jersey neckline and it works a treat!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I bought it for the Moneta Party and I’m so glad I did. Not every pattern suits everyone but this is the one for me, I just feel like it suits me! That’s a good idea… I think I’ll try that next time. Thanks. x

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