Not enough hands… Not enough time… 

I’m not in a position this week to share a finished make with you, unless you count these infinity scarves I quickly sewed up for my Sister-in-law’s colleagues because they loved hers so much. 

I have been juggling a few things in my sewing room this week. I’m currently working on a present for my Mother-in-law for her birthday, which I can’t share on here but you will have seen a snippet of if you follow me on instagram

I’ve also been working on a project for Fabric Styles, who have asked me to try out some of their Scuba fabric and write and YouTube it,  so watch this space. Here’s the lovely fabrics I chose. 

Isn’t the floral pattern on it amazing? 

Finally, I am also working on another Moneta in a lovely aubergine, purple colour.

And I’ve used my scraps to make a quick and cute T-shirt for my niece for her birthday. I couldn’t face to leave it plain so I have inexpertly embroidered some little flowers on it. 

I will not get much done this weekend either because me and my Mum are going to The Stitching for Pleasure show!! I won tickets courtesy of the lovely Elle from Sew Positivity!! I am insanely excited about this!  

I haven’t got enough hands or time, or head space, for that matter for everything I’m trying to do but I’m sure I’ll get there, plus there’s school holidays on the horizon with lots of sewing time planned for myself! I promise I’ll try and share something completed next week!


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  1. You sound like me at the moment, so many projects all at various stages none completed! Can’t wait to see you completed pressie and your Moneta and t-shirt! The fabric scuba looks gorgeous and will be interested to see that too! Enjoy the show have an awesome time and come back with loads of goodies to show us! Xxxx

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    1. I’m exactly like that. I’ve got so much to do, all self inflicted but I’m not sure I’m going to get it all done. Luckily there’s only 2 weeks until Easter holidays so plenty of time then to catch up! xx

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  2. Lynsey Jane says:

    The floral fabric is gorgeous! Loving those little embroidered flowers! I’m must have ago as love the look. I’m with you, not enough time but looking forward to the Easter break, even counting down to it :D. Hope you have a fab time at the show.

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    1. Thanks so much. My hand embroidery leaves a lot to be desire but I think they’ve turned out quite cute. Tell me about it… I think everyone is! Thanks so much! X


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