Anderson Blouse (post February Fail number 1!)

Many of you will have already seen a snippet of my Sew Over It Anderson Blouse on my Fail February post, where I sewed the arm on upside down. It’s a long story! Other than this, all went well.

I got the Anderson Blouse as part of my signing up fee for the PDF Club that Sew Over It are doing. You pay £5.00 to join, chose a free pattern and get early access to any PDF patterns and 10% off them. I’m usually not overly keen on PDFs but there isn’t many pieces involved with the blouse so it wasn’t too bad. I think I’m learning to love them a little.
I was glad to have it because I was struggling to decide what to do with this beautiful fabric I got on sale at Abakhan before Christmas – It’s a peach skin (I think) and has a beautiful drape and colour.

I cut it out – if you follow me on instagram– you would have seen that juggling balls are my pattern weight of choice. I have new scissors too so this was lovely to cut.

The rest of the pattern comes together a breeze, there were parts I haven’t tried before like the way the front facings fold in and the way in which the cuffs are inserted so there were plenty of head-scratching moments and more ‘this is never going to look right’ moments but everything works perfectly and it comes together so neat and professional looking! I was surprised every time. The patterns are obviously well though-out. My Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress was a wonder too!

I am cuffed to bits with my cuffs! They look beautiful, neat and delicate. AND – I I hand-sewed them. I’m not keen on hand sewing at all but I’m getting better and learning to love it and it’s obviously working!

The fit is great, however, there is no way I could wear this in any other way than tucked in! I think because I am a somewhat large chested girl, it pulls the hem right up and I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it without tucking it in. Luckily it looks amazing like this and I tuck of my blouses in anyway. I plan to make another one soon. I’m also thinking I will be sensible and make a plain black skirt for work so I can pair these amazingly colourful blouses!
I saved this to wear to work on my birthday and I felt really grown-up and lovely in it. The material feels really luxurious and has so many colours in it. I wore it with a black skirt and tights and my trusty belt.


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  1. Mrs P says:

    WOW you look stunning x

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    1. Aww thanks so much. Just what I need to hear as I turn 29!! ♥

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  2. Thanks so much! I read up on it and a lot of people say it’s not great for shape but I think it’s fab. I’d definitely recommend it!


  3. Lovely version of this top. How did you join the gappy front? Mine falls open all the time so have to wear a top underneath x

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    1. I just tried it on, safety pinned it and then did a couple of stitches where I had pinned. I wouldn’t have been very appropriate for work otherwise!!!! 😝

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      1. I added one stitch but have no boobs to worry about sadly!! But then I wear a top underneath. I might try to make one with it more overlapped.

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      2. Yes, good idea. I’m sure it looks nice with a top underneath though

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  4. Georgia says:

    Lovely fabric, it’s made a fab shirt!


    1. Thanks so much Georgia! It’s a great pattern!

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  5. Fiona says:

    Gorgeous. And lovely cuffs!

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    1. Thanks so much. I feel I’ve conquered the cuff! I usually avoid them.


  6. Lovely print and you look lovely in your outfit! I still say that your sleeve was not a fail if you just walked around with your one arm straight up all day! 😉

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    1. Haha Thanks Linda. I think it was worth unpicking in the end!

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  7. Love this fabric! It’s perfect for your blouse (the belt is fabulous too). And hope your birthday was as wonderful as your outfit! 😀


    1. Thanks again, my belt it my favourite accessory without a doubt!!

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