A challenge I can join in! 

I feel slightly like I have had a curse set upon my sewing…  I saw a new challenge just today by Red of Sewredy called Fail February and I believe I made a comment,  such as ‘this is a great idea,  we all get our unpickers out and we learn from our mistakes’…  I say I believe I said this…  This is WHAT I ACTUALLY SAID.

So true to form… This happened

This is what will be a Sew Over It Anderson Blouse in gorgeous fabric from Abakhan. You will notice the sleeve is not going the right way. This is because I sewed it the wrong way round…. About 3 minutes after making the above comment. So I’m no so smug about learning from mistakes after all, the moral story of a teacher! Though I’ve never made this one and it WILL NOT be a mistake which happens again.

I keep seeing different challenges I’m going to join in with and have several on my sewing pile,  such as a skirt for Designin’ December which Linda of Nice Dress, Thanks I Made It organises and trying to find a 1980s pattern that isn’t horrendous for The Monthly Stitch’s, Through the Decades February challenge,  but it seems Fail February is the one for me!

This picture does indeed show the shoulder and underarm seam…in a line.

So… Here’s to reality and having a high quality unpicker friend! I’ll share more in this blouse when it is complete as my cuffs are to die for!!


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  1. I dunno… the sleeve isn’t such a “fail” if you can keep your arm up in the air for a looong time! I saw the original Fail February post and I am going to have to dig through my closet and pull out something. Great Idea! By the way a lady at work was trying to explain to me about the mistake she made sewing her son a pair of shorts. They didn’t turn out. She kept saying something about the waist being where the legs are supposed to go and vice versa. I pretended to understand, but I still don’t know what she did!


    1. Haha. That made me laugh. It is a good idea, we all do it. Tell me about it, I once ended up with a pocket on the inner seam of some PJs.. Have no idea what happened there! Trousers are my top fail!

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      1. Ugh! all these pieces can look similar when you’re in a hurry to wear the darn thing!

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