Double Vintage

I dragged my Mum round some vintage shops in, Stockport, the town where we were brought up a few months back and picked up some vintage paisley silk feel fabric. I got 3 metres for £9, which was a bargain.  I stashed it for a bit and then decided to return back to my 1970s Maudella dress. I love the fabric, the colours are so Autumnal.

Like last time,  I missed the collar out and put the zip in the side instead of along the front, which is much neater,  I might add. I graded it down slightly in the waist, as I felt I needed it last time.
I also made the sleeves a little larger just to make it more comfortable and I made them a bit shorter.

It needs lots of ease in the sleeves, but I like the effect.
It was the first dress for my dressmaker dummy too, which was fab to use, it made the hem length really easy. I have named her Suzie. I did the hem a bit longer than last time so it falls below my knee, not Suzie’s, she doesn’t have knees!

That’s it! I love this super quick make and I’m really pleased I chose a vintage pattern for my vintage fabric! I wore it to have a minichino with my lovely niece!

When your photographer is 5 years old


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  1. norma says:

    Lovely fabric. Makes a pretty dress.


    1. Thanks so much. I’m pleased with it!

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  2. Sewing for Cat People says:

    Brilliant! Isn’t having a dummy brilliant?


    1. It’s fab! I wasn’t sure it was making a difference at first but it’s so good. I used it to pin the other day and it was great. She takes up a bit of room in our flat though and keeps making me and the hubby jump!!

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      1. Sewing for Cat People says:

        Ha ha! Oh god mine hasn’t given me a fright but I do sometimes apologise when I bump into it!

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  3. Nicely done! I love paisley and your fabric has beautiful colours in it. Very pretty!


    1. Thanks so much, I often find I’m sick of looking at paisley by the time I’m finished with it! But this one just stuck with me!

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  4. Michelle says:

    What a find! It looks great on you!

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    1. Thanks. I’m loving it. It was surprisingly easy to work with too!


  5. Lovely dress! Paisley is always nice, and these colors are beautiful. (Think I made up pattern very similar to this oh-so-long-ago.)


    1. Thanks so much, I love that the colours are so Autumnal and not sickly!

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      1. Haha! Definitely not sickly.

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