My brother approved Christmas dress

I don’t know whether  I’ve discussed this but I love Christmas. I have all the Christmas clothes and accessories and last year when I shipped up to my Mum’s in my gingerbread swing dress my brother looked at me like he wished he was adopted or maybe that I was.


As I’ve discussed, I love a bit of geek/cheesiness, whereas he looks like he’s stepped out of a rock band half the time. So I thought I would tone it down slightly this year…. note I said slightly… I also wanted a dress which would fit better!

I thought it would be really apt to use my New Look 6393 (previously 6020) that my Mum bought me for Christmas last year. It was the first pattern I owned and really sparked my passion for sewing and fuelled my whole year of learning to sew clothes. I have tried this pattern a few times over the year, not always successfully as the bodice would gape (see here) and on others it was too tight, so I was determined to get this right.

I made a muslin (literally from muslin) using view C and made some alterations to the arm holes so that it fit without gaping and then I transferred these changes to the pieces I cut out of this super cute fabric with little owls wearing Santa hats! (see, I’ve toned it right down!)

I used the muslin to line it as I felt a dress I will probably only wear once (possibly twice) a year would be the perfect opportunity for me to practice lining techniques.

I used a thicker maroon coloured fabric to cut the skirt pieces, though I tapered it down slightly down the sides. I used a longer length, which I’m pleased with too, as it is sleeveless but it is winter so I wanted a bit more fabric in the length. I wanted to use a plain fabric for the bottom so that it would be a little more subtle.

Both the pieces of fabric were in a bundle from Abakhan so this was a super cheap make and a good way to use the smaller pieces. The lining worked really well and I love putting the skirt panels together, I find stitching lengths like that really relaxing. I intended to put a zip in but was able to just slip in to it. I even used a Christmas ribbon on the hem!


Finally a dress which fits well! It’s perfect and Christmassy and I wore it with pride at our Boxing Day party! I know I said it was brother approved and by that I mean he didn’t say ‘what on earth are you wearing?’ so that’ll do for me! 


My lovely mum and sister

I hope you’ve all had a nice Christmas.


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  1. Cute dress! I love the photos, everyone looks like they are having fun!

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    1. Thanks. It was fab, love spending time with my family at Christmas

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