Shoes to overshadow my LBD

The theme for this month’s Monthly Stitch challenge is ‘if the shoe fits’. The idea being that you create something to compliment a pair of shoes you struggle to pair with your wardrobe. It took my all of about 2 seconds for THESE AMAZING shoes to pop in to my head!


I made these shoes last year. After being inspired by good old pinterest, I took a pair of old shoes and covered them with all sorts of pictures of things I liked or I thought looked pretty, such as cartoon characters, peacocks, Ana Strumpf’s illustrations on fashion mags or anything which inspired me. I painted the sole in turquoise acrylic paint and glued turquoise ribbon, left over from my wedding, round the edge to neaten it. Then I varnished them to keep my pictures safe and make them nice and shiny!

They are so personal and I absolutely LOVE 💗 them, I get lots of compliments when I do wear them out, but there’s a pretty obvious problem… because they are so ‘out there’, it’s really hard to pair them with an outfit, it usually has to be black and I don’t wear much black outside of work. Cue a new black dress…

One of the first dresses I ever tried to sew was the freebie, Sew Different Tulip Dress. It was a disaster, it didn’t come anywhere close to fitting and the seams were wonky… the material wasn’t too hot either to be honest.

I used a high flash to show up the pattern here

I had some black velvet that I bought to make some of the costume for the wicked witch in the school play (more to come on that). I got the fabric for next to nothing, I don’t suppose everyone goes crazy for velvet, though I have seen it in the shops more recently. There was lots of it so I wanted to use the rest up, on a whim out came the Tulip Dress pattern.


I only used the back piece and cut both pieces at the same time (told you it was a whim!) I only had the 2 pieces so it was an easy sew, especially as it doesn’t fray. I sewed it together and zig zagged the edges really quickly. I took the neckline out and lowered it slightly at the front to make a boat neck line. As the fabric has stretch the curve allowed in the pattern was all the shaping I needed. There was no need for any zips or closings either.  I did my hem and it was done, an elegant, all black dress that is a lovely shape. I styled with with black tights and pink waist belt and my shoes, of course!


I may have made this for a plain backdrop for my shoes but I’m thinking I could wear it with boots over winter too and I may even put a jewelled neckline or hem yet for over Christmas!

I did another cute yellow label too!


I wore this to the Manchester Christmas market, for a cheeky mulled wine, with black tights, tan belt, shoes and bag and my black smart coat. This scarf was £2.50 from Marks and Spencer and my absolute favourite. I felt really snug in it but it really rode up, good job I had a coat on or else I’d have spent the whole night pulling it down. What a shame… any ideas how to combat this?

received_10154021873951288received_10154021874251288 received_10154021873836288


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  1. Sissy MacK says:

    I know this post is suppose to be about the dress, but I am in love with the shoes! I’d wear them all the time with jeans and which ever top hit my fancy that day. Great job!


    1. Haha. Thanks so much. I do love them and wear then as much as I can get away with!


  2. The shoes are really cool – what a good idea for refashioning shoes. The whole outfit looks good! I’m not sure about the “riding up” but I always thought a lining that wasn’t polyester would help prevent the clinging and static.


    1. Thanks so much, I’m pleased with it and thanks for the tip. I may try putting a trim or something on the bottoms, like I said, it might weigh it down a little!

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