An Accidental Minion Dress

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This pretty much sums up my face when I realised that my well – thought out blue Sunday Set by Cotton and Chalk actually looks like a Minion outfit with thanks to my yellow top-stitching!

I had some blue denim coloured chambray, which I intended to use for a shirt for my brother, I wasn’t getting round to it so I promptly began using it for something for myself (selfish, I know, please don’t judge me!) I have used View A of the Cotton and Chalk dungaree design pattern.

As I was using a plain fabric I wanted to jazz it up a bit; there’s lots of top stitching on this one and it needed buttons so I thought to use colour for this would be perfect. I originally intended to do this in pink but as I had a yellow zip, I had a quick change of heart. As I was making it, I was thinking, this looks AMAZING! Now it’s made, I feel like it does look slightly minion-esque… Though I am pleased with the construction and I still definitely intend to wear it with pride!


I made no changes to the pattern at all, even the straps were a perfect fit. I practised some very neat yellow top-stitching. (Go me!)


Inserted the zip, which was pretty much the first step, something I haven’t seen before. I inserted some really cute pockets with the fabric left over from my Mum’s Birthday Pressie. They look so cute and are actually my first ever pockets!

I also hemmed the bottom of the dress in this fabric, just because I like extra details like that so much!


I chose some stand out buttons and did button holes in the yellow thread to go with the top-stitching; a bit of a risk when I’ve only just mastered button holes! The only other thing I did differently was to do little bar tabs at the top of the pockets so it doesn’t wear over time.


The construction of this was super easy and it makes a good wardrobe essential, if you see the pattern about I would definitely grab yourselves one. I really took my time with mine; I wanted the top-stitching to be neat and I really enjoyed the process. I want to risk trying the trousered version next time, but anyone who reads my blog will know that they are my nemesis so we shall see.

As I said in my last blog, Northumberland is perfect for pictures. We visited Hatherslaw light railway and spent some time looking for ‘Scarycrows’ in Etal and also took a few pictures from the gorgeous roof terrace. We’ve had some beautiful autumn weather.


My beautiful niece.x
railway tracks – what doesn’t go with black wellies?!


perfect wind timing on my circle skirt!


You will see from the pictures that I completely don’t care that I look like a minion – we’ve had a lovely day! I feel the dress is a great way to wear something that feels like a skirt and a dress in one – I clearly love it!!




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  1. Hmm, I didn’t think you looked like a minion until you pointed it out! 🙂 Nice work! Looks like you got the fit just right too.


    1. Haha. I know but it still made me chuckle! Thanks, I am really pleased with the fit;
      I didn’t have to make any changes to the pattern either!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sissy MacK says:

    Cute dress and the top stitching is impressive! I’ve never seen a pattern call for zipper insertion first, but that’s the way my mom taught me to construct a garment . It just seems to go in so much easier.


    1. Thanks a lot. It did work pretty easily, I’ve never really give it much thought but it was good because it’s done then and you can get on with the rest of the garment.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. sewandsnip says:

    Cute dress, love the features of the coloured topstitching, buttons & floral fabric edge/pockets😃


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