Sew Saturday Haul

Although I am relatively new to the blogosphere, I already know that I’m not really going to be a ‘share the haul’ kinda girl… however, yesterday was Sew Saturday, which is an exception, so check out my goodies!

I really wanted to support local so I went to All Fabrics near me in Stalybridge. It was a pretty understated affair but gave me chance to browse and chat more to the owner and the lady who runs the dress making courses, something I plan to do in the New year.


I had to wear something that I had made so I wore this unblogged top, I made this using my good old-fashioned New Look 6483, which is my favourite top pattern. This was one of my first makes and is made with this really funky stretch fabric and mock leather sleeves! This was purely because I wanted to try sewing with different materials but it’s so comfy and I wear it a lot.

Anyway, on with my shopping! I got this beautiful mermaid print from the amazing Magic range by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller. All Fabrics had just had delivery of the range when I first went in and I’ve been obsessing about it ever since. There’s so much choice but the mermaids are going to make a adorable outfit for my niece.


There was also 10% of the Downton Abbey range, which is just fab by the way, whether you like the show or not. Again, there’s lots to choose from, I recommend taking a look. There’s no picture of this one though because it’s being used as a pressie for Christmas and my lovely, supportive family usually read my posts!

I also bought some wine coloured fabric, which I’m going to use to make the trouser version of The Sunday Set. Can’t wait!


I got a blue linen mix too, which is for another pressie.

I also got a free back catalogue magazine and this goodie bag! Exciting times! As my husband had a footy day yesterday that means a sewing day for me, so my machine awaits!

Who doesn’t love a goodie bag?

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  1. I do love a sewing goodie bag! I also love the looks of that drink you are holding and the top you are wearing – nice work! I guess by now you have your fabrics all cut out and are ready to sew?!? 😂 fabric shopping is the best!


    1. I know, I’ve already been putting those thread trimmers to good use, they’re brilliant- I’ve never had any before. The drink is peach puree with prosecco!! Yum!
      Yes, can’t wait to get started!

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