The Rosie Dress

I gave you a sneak peek in to what I have been up to in this post and promised The Rosie Dress would be coming to you soon… so here it is.

Image result for the rosie dress cotton and chalk

I’m very pleased with how this has turned out. It’s the perfect shape for me. I really love the colour and the pattern of the fabric too, which keeps it looking modern. I keep looking at it just because I’m so happy!! 😊


This is another make that has allowed me to try some different techniques, it has rouching at the shoulder seam, under the bust and all round the top of the skirt. I played the rouching under the bust easy though as I need a bit more room, although I think maybe I could have taken it in a little more. I really enjoyed gathering the skirt part up too.


As usual, I left out the facings and made my own bias binding out of the same fabric. I only just managed this though as I literally used every scrap of this fabric, I even had to create the waist band in pieces instead of on the fold but I don’t think you can tell because of the nature of the pattern.


I used a red cotton to make a contrast binding for the arm holes as another cheat to make the fabric go further but I quite like it.


I used three red buttons as decoration on the front middle seam; this was a triumph in itself because I never think to buy matching buttons!


I then inserted the invisible zip, which I’m definitely improving on.

See… invisible…

However, when I put my zip in, a strange wonky thing happened with my seams, I have no idea what happened there… but I think I’ve got away with it because of the fabric. Plus, I wasn’t about to undo it all because I don’t see how it was fixable even if I did.

What on actual earth happened here??!

The hem was an easy peasy double fold hem and it was done. I’m so pleased with this, the pattern was super easy to use and I think it looks really modern and cool. I’m making the most of the weather whilst I can so here are my garden pictures…


I’ve styled it with my trusty black belt, black tights and a black cardigan and I think this is probably how I will wear it.


I also had to wear a black vest underneath, but this isn’t unusual for me with V-necks so I’m not too concerned but I will be trying to account for that next time.


I’ll definitely try a sleeved version of this pattern, maybe in a block colour. I may even cut or grade a smaller size next time, as I think I’ve lost enough weight to warrant this now.

I’m wearing this to go to a concert ‘Night with Mike Sweeney’ tonight with my lovely hubby and in-laws so have a lovely evening everyone!


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  1. Naomi says:

    Very cute! Love that fabric, and the shape is fantastic on you.


    1. Thanks so much as always. I’m really pleased with this one. Definitely one to try with sleeves!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. sewandsnip says:

    Great shape on you & I love the fabric. Got that pattern in my to-do pile😃


    1. Thanks so much. I really would go for it! It’s easy to put together. I do recommend taking extra care over the fitting of the bodice though because I found it a bit big even though I usually take a bigger size up top!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I have one of their patterns… Not that one. That one is lovely too! Not sure how the zipper ended up like that, but your belt and the design hides it anyway!


    1. I don’t know what happened at all because it all went together really well until that point! I have all the patterns so far (I do think there’s only been 3 though!) and I’ve really enjoyed using them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok, I just looked. Mine’s the Olivia dress. It came free with a magazine. I didn’t actually pick it and didn’t really look too closely at it but now that I see it I want to make it because it looks like something I used to wear and love long ago!


      2. I’ve made it but I did it in a paisley and it looked a bit much in the end with the bold pattern and loose style fit. It was too busy but I’d definitely try it again, maybe in a block colour. I found that to be quite generous in size too but another easy to follow one! Go for it!

        Liked by 1 person

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