Mini Circle Skirt Refashion

Happy Friday everyone! A refashion is on the menu for this Friday’s post… Today’s garment began life as this dress from Next.

Apologies for the bad quality pic

It was a buy from Ebay and was too small on my chest. I tried to make alterations but I think the print was a bit too sickly for me in the end.

Time for a change. I massively downsized this circle skirt tutorial I used in this blog. I followed the instructions using the average measurements for a 5 year old and made a full skirt. I cut a waist band and used tissue paper to make a quick circle skirt pattern using my best maths skills! All the measurements worked out great; the waistband and skirt matched up perfectly and this super cute skirt for my niece is the result!*


The hem is straight but it doesn’t photo well without me holding it up and nearly breaking my wrist to take a picture!


It’s super full and really showcases the fabric. I used the bulk of the fabric to do this and even unpicked the contrasting zip from the original dress so I could use it.


I finished the hem in a contrast pink cotton binding I quickly made to add another feature and make it a big more ‘sticky-outy’!


This is the first time I’ve made anything for our gorgeous niece and I loved it because it came together so quickly. I always thought it would be a waste to make her things because she grows so quickly but making things in miniature is super quick so it’s well worth it. She may be getting a home-made Christmas pressie!

Also not one to waste anything I managed to squeeze two luggage tags for my Mum and sister for our trip to Dublin !


*I feel I should admit at this point that the skirt didn’t actually fit her, as I made it using average sizes (and children are usually far from average) it was about an inch to small on her waist, which I was gutted with. I definitely should have measured her before. This is why there are no pictures of her actually wearing it, but I wanted to show it to you all how to worked out anyway. I don’t know anyone else with girls so I’ll just have to keep looking at it, sighing…


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