A quick T-shirt… Getting my Chiff-on!

Happy Friday everyone! Today is Dublin day for me! Hooray! I promised it was going to be a me-made trip so I’ll update you all when I get back.

With this in mind I was after a top for with jeans for the trip. I had a flick through my pattern collection, which is still quite small (but growing) and couldn’t find anything, so I returned to my old faithful New Look K6483 1 hour pattern, which is fast becoming my go to pattern for t-shirts, as it fits so well without alterations and is super quick. I used it previously for this t-shirt. I promise I have ordered some different top patterns to try, so watch this space.

I had some blue chiffon fabric with a white pattern so I cut it out with the intention of this being a slightly smarter t-shirt.


I used the front piece which allows for a lower neckline and then extended the sleeves slightly, just to change the pattern up a bit.

I used a blue ready-made bias binding on the neckline and on the edges of the sleeves. I tried to use a narrow hem (and failed again!) on the arm edges so I changed my mind and used the same binding.

When I came to turn the binding inwards, I thought it looked quite attractive poking out of the edge so I top stitched it and left it as a bit of a feature. I don’t know whether this is a technique that I should’ve realised I was doing or whether I’ve just made it up!! I like it either way. The neckline I turned as normal.


After giving up on quite a few sleeve inserts recently I’m pleased that these worked.

See… I’m pleased!

I used the overlock stitch on my New/Old machine to overlock the side seams and finished it by turning the hem up twice. Easy!



Obviously I knew as I was sewing this that the top would be see-through, although it’s not as bad as I expected, I will probably still wear a navy or white vest under it. I don’t see the harm when so many tops call for that at the minute anyway.


In the pictures I’m wearing a black vest underneath it and my black work trousers but I intend to wear this with jeans.

I forced the hubby to take some pictures before I pranced off to Ireland; we’d just set up out Game of Thrones monopoly game (we are so rock and roll) so this is me with my glass of wine ready to win! The wine helps!



Hers a sneak peek at the little luggage tags I’ve made as a little gift for my mum and sister (or as a bribe to get them to take lots of pictures of me in my makes!) This were made using scraps from a cute make which I’ll share soon. Aren’t they cute?!


So, off I go on my weekend away, I’ll share some pictures of my makes in action on my return. I’m also in the middle of making some pretty cool dresses that I’ll share soon! But for now, Guinness is calling me, so happy weekend everyone!


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