Pretty PJ Pants and the Nicest Neighbours!

I had some of this gorgeous floral polycotton left from making this 1970s vintage dress.


So I printed a pattern for some PJ bottoms thinking it would fit quite nicely with The Monthly Stitch’s Nighty Night September challenge.

To say I’m pleased with myself would be an understatement! I know that they are just a basic PJ bottom pattern but this is an achievement for me! Every time I have tried to make anything resembling trousers or shorts, it has gone terribly wrong, including some wonky seams on a pair of PJs I tried from this very same pattern. These worked! I’m so pleased to have a functional, fitting pair of pants! Woo! 🙌


I used narrow seams and zig-zagged the edges. I also had my first try at button holes (which need some major improvement) in order to put this ribbon in, purely for decorative reasons. I created the band and inserted the elastic before sewing it shut. I did a nice thick hem on the bottom and I’m so so pleased with the result. 



I used the XL size on the pattern but it needed extremely small seams to fit me. It meant that the waist band was too small so I had to recut it, they’re a great fit though!

Comfy Cosy

This fabric is so soft, comfy and so easy to work with that I may have just ordered some more in red!


IN MORE EXCITING NEWS! Check out my New/Old sewing machine!

My father-in-law was chatting to his lovely neighbours about my sewing escapades and she gave him her sewing machine for me!! How exciting is that?!


It’s an old Riccar Reliant 58. We looked it up and the company is Japanese and was quite influential in electronic sewing machines at the time. We reckon this one was from the early 1980s. Isabel bought it on the Isle of Man and has really looked after it (she was a keen seamstress in her day and tells me she was in to tailoring and even made her own wedding dress.) She thought I would get more use out of it now though. It runs like a dream and I hope I can do it justice.


It overlocks, does buttons and embroidery. You can do free embroidery on it too for letters etc. It comes with all the original parts. She’s also donated me the bobbins, needles and an eyelet set. There’s so much I’ve wanted to try which I can now do. I literally cannot wait to get my hands on it!!

AND… alongside this my mother-in-law gave me a Christmas ‘put away’ of new pinking shears, a large and small rotary cutter and some Christmas fat quarters!! Eeekkk! Get me on that machine!


I say this but what I’m actually doing is settling down for a Friday night with a glass of wine, my lovely hubby and Sherlock! In my new PJs of course!



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