Thank Frock It’s Friday!

To make sure that my blog is regular, my plan is to post every Friday about my makes or a least my plans for making that weekend. What else does a hard-working 9-5er have to do on a Friday? Feel free to drop by and have a look at what I’m up to.


I have been browsing vintage patterns on Ebay for some time and have been rather indecisive about whether or not to buy them in case I couldn’t get them to work, what with size changes and all.

After seeing the Vintage Pledge on  A Stitching Odyssey I thought I would have a go so I bought this 1970s pattern by maudella, who I haven’t heard of before, from a charity seller on Ebay.


I used this cotton fabric, which I thought fit the theme well.


This is the first time I have worked with a dress pattern which is all in one (not a separate bodice and skirt) which was nice and meant it was quite quick. I made LOTS of alterations from the original pattern though. 

Firstly I omitted the collar and the provided facings and used bias binding in the same fabric on the neckline.



I also cut the front piece on the fold as I wasn’t sure whether I wanted the zip or not (turns out not). Instead I ignored the front zip and added a side lapped zip instead. It’s not the neatest but certainly passable and not bad for my first try.


Secondly I omitted the contrast cuff on the sleeves, though I will put them in if I try it again just for the skill practice. I also added a little box pleats at the top of the sleeve for added detail.




I think it adds to the Vintage feel to have the sleeves a bit stuck up like that.

I did a deep hem because I know from taking up some of my Nanna’s old dresses some years a go that 70s dresses tend to have a deep hem. I may be wrong but it feels and looks right.


Overall, I love it. It’s beautiful! 💗


This dress is almost trapezium in shape and isn’t very fitting past my chest at all but I like the shape of it. It feels casual and definitely skims the lumps and bumps! If I did it again I might take it in a bit at the waist though.


The long sleeves are just right for me too, I’m not a huge fan of sleeveless dresses or tops.


I hope this fits the bill for the Vintage Pledge. I’m so glad I took the risk with this pattern. This is definitely going on the Dublin list. 🙂

P.S. judge my bookshelves as you will!

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