Green and Red Dress… Check!

Can I start by saying I don’t care if you don’t like my horrible pun of a title. Personally I think I am a genius!!

My first blog post documented my struggles with making a bodice from New Look 6020 in this funky check fabric. It was left on a real cliff hanger, which was me returning to my seam ripper to take out the zip, which was too short. Gripping stuff I know…


Anyway, a much longer zip arrived- Yay! So naturally I inserted it in to the length of the dress.


Sadly, it made my checks go so bit wonky at the bottom of the bodice. 😦 Then I completed the hem and my New Look/Prima dress mash-up is complete and perfect for my work style and it really brightens up my work wardrobe. Now that I’ve tried it; I will definitely try different fittings and pattern pieces because it meant I could fit a larger top half  to a small bottom. I just need to learn to do this with more skill!


It fits but it is very SNUG so no pics of me wearing it until a few more weight watchers meetings I reckon! So glad to have this one complete though! My Mum came to stay at weekend and this was hung in the spare room; she spotted it and was impressed with my improving skills so yay! Got to work on some pattern matching though!


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  1. Clémence says:

    Pattern matching seems very difficult… It is the reason I have been avoiding sewing with checks!
    This looks like a very cute dress though, I love the little cap sleeves!

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    1. Thanks. I think I’ve come on a lot since this though… I have done some more simple things with tartan and I think the checks actually help to line things up. Maybe not here though!!


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