Two Thirds Circle Skirt

I had some of this woollen- type stretch material from a bundle bag from Abakhan.


I had two pieces so I knew I could make something substantial with it. After losing some weight, none of my bottom halves for work fit me so I thought a skirt would be ideal (even though I’m trying to brighten my work wardrobe!)

I followed this tutorial for a circle skirt from Dreaming of Avonlea. This was my first time drafting my own pattern and the instructions are fab and undaunting. However, I must have work the measurements out wrong as I measured for a 3/4 skirt and had too much fabric so it has turned out more of a 2/3 circle skirt!


I’m still happy with it though. I’m pleased with the waist, which looks really neat, even though I didn’t stitch in the ditch as recommended; I think because the fabric is thick, it just seemed to miss it.


The zip went in pretty nicely without a seam too. Hooray!

It always surprises me that I can do this!

In the tutorial, you are warned the hem is long, but wow, is it long! I thought it would never end. I zig-zagged the edge and turned it up once as I didn’t want too much bulk or to lose any length.


The will make a perfect skirt for work, with tights this autumn, rather than my pasty legs (this is me post holiday by the way!)

It goes great with black and I’m really pleased with the length; I don’t like skirts shorter than this. I’ve got some blouses that will match up pretty well.

Love these shoes!

And, finally, check out this cute gold and white button!!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Veronak says:

    Very cute I’m working on a circle skirt myself


    1. Thanks!! 😊 I don’t blame you, they’re super flattering. You should have a look at the link I’ve included, it’s a good tutorial!


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