Patience is a Virtue

Having decided to brave it in the blog world; I imagined a blog full of pictures of me prancing around in fabulously sewn dresses and skirts, especially as I’m off school.

However, due to my pact to make clothes I can actually wear, the reality is that I’m having to have the patience (not my greatest trait) to make things properly. This is why my seam ripper is quickly becoming best friend…

My New Best Friend

As you can see I have started to make a dress in this funky thick checked fabric, which my mother-in-law kindly picked up for me as part of a bundle from Ikea, at an absolute bargain! The pattern is New Look 6020 which I have made before- not well I should add.


Definitely one to try again!

Anyway, having pieced together the bodice, using beautiful French seams, I had a go at using bias binding on the edges as I’m not really feeling the facings. I chose to contrast it and added a little cap sleeve by shortening a basic sleeve pattern. It was all looking super neat so I gleefully tried it on only to find the gape-age is horrendous!!

WHAT IS THIS? This is not a good look!

After a bit of research online I learnt about using back darts to fix a gaping neckline, so I stuck two of those in and added a little pleated front and things came together. I need to learn how to alter patterns to stop this from happening though!

Look how pleased I am… Oh, what a fool! After making a skirt section using an old Prima pattern I got from EBay. (I didn’t have enough fabric for the panels needed for the New Look pattern.)


I soon realised that to get this over my Massive hips I would need a much longer zip so I’m going back to my seam ripper with a sulk. The miraculous complete item pics will just have to wait.


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