My REAL first blog

I didn’t want my very first blog to be a complete disaster, so I pretended that the first thing I made was this neat, though still not perfect, bodice piece.

In reality, I set up my blog in the morning and flounced off to my sewing machine in the afternoon, after receiving a 30 inch zip in the post, ready to follow this shirt dress tutorial by Mark Montano.

It began with this slightly shrunken H&M blouse… I love the detailing but can’t wear it because it is too short.

I had about one and a half metres of nice beige cotton with tiny brown flowers which I thought would be ideal for this.

I followed the video, probably not gathering as much as he does, as my waist is MUCH bigger. I tried it on before inserting the zip and took it in a few inches. Next, in went the zip, breaking no less than three (yes THREE) needles in the process.

I tried it on before hemming etc and HA! This shapeless Franken-dress is the result.

Eurgh! What on earth?

You would be perfectly forgiven for thinking that this is very grandma-esque. I can’t even take any pictures of me wearing it because I quite literally look like a sack of spuds.

And don’t even mention these wonky joins… I’m hanging my head in shame…


This was definitely a complete disaster! I don’t even have any ideas how to salvage this and can’t face unpicking it all just yet so it’ll have to hang there for now. Ah well, you sew and learn! Being someone who tries to stay positive, the zip looks very neat… that’s all I’ve got though!


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  1. bobbylees says:

    Hi. I just watched the tutorial, I think your choice of shirt was to blame, probably works best with a structured fitted dress. I’d love to see a re-do. don’t despair.

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    1. I think you’re probably right and I don’t think I used enough material for the skirt… I may retry it yet. Thanks for the advice!

      Liked by 1 person

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