Bear with me… I’m new to this.

After spending my summer, or lack thereof, trawling through lots of blogs to give me inspiration and to help me to learn more about sewing, I’ve decided to start my own.

I’m at a stage where I am ready to be making quality items that can stay in my wardrobe without disappointment or blatantly ignoring parts which don’t fit or haven’t worked!

I intend to blog my makes from now on… but let me give you an idea of my novice…


These are some of my better makes so far, and believe me, there are others which are much worse!

I am, however, improving at my small items, such as:

Funky Sunglasses Case
Super Cute Quilted Luggage Tags
Quilted Oven Gloves

Anyway, much as I will continue to make cute gifts and enjoy quick projects that I can do in an hour or less, I am ready to expand in to the world of dress patterns and proper fittings… so let’s go.


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